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DevSecOp provides interesting geographic search apps:

Geopedia is an informative travelling and research application, which connects Wikipedia with OpenStreetMap. It shows wikipedia articles (with geocoordinates) around any location on the globe. Currently there are around 100 wikipedia language editions supported, so you can use it with most of the languages out there.

All content is live requested from Wikipedia through the Wikipedia API. The authors of this solution are not responsible for any content violation within Wikipedia or through this website

GeoTube uses the YouTube API to display YouTube entries around any location.

All content is live requested from YouTube through the YouTube API. The authors of this solution are not responsible for any content violation within YouTube or through this website

*Geopedia and GeoTube are using DevSecOp database mapping engine. This engine can also be used against various databases (public and private). User defined markers are possible (try e.g. using FB login on www.geopedia.de).

Please contact us, if you are interested in building your own platform.

Tap and hold (touchpad) or right-click (desktop) to get new search area
Using location icon you can easy set your position
Using this icon you can change one additional language
Click or tap on marker icon in result list to show place on the map
You can change the map layer in upper right corner
You can change the search radius using button (in bottom left corner of the map)

If you have any questions concerning Geopedia, please contact us: geopedia@devsecop.de